MPK is the Real Star of the Night Stalker

I finished the first episode of Night Stalker last night. True crime is a genre I occasionally dabble in, but once I heard where the serial killer was from I could not resist this sleek new docuseries.

I am a third generation Monterey Park resident, born shortly after the events in the Netflix series. Growing up, the fear of strangers was deeply instilled in my bones. One sweltering day while walking home from school with my abuelita and sister, I turned down a ride home from a young couple in a Cadillac. After they drove away and I translated to my abuelita what they wanted, she scolded me, “Why did you say no? What did you think they would do, kidnap me too?” I remember her words filling me with shame and regret at the time, but after watching the first episode of the Night Stalker I feel my choice was vindicated. Yes, yes they absolutely could’ve kidnapped you too abuelita, and then raped and murdered you.

Seeing my suburban hometown referred to as part of the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles was a trip. In the first episode alone two of the victims were murdered in Monterey Park, and another in our neighboring city of Rosemead. Rosemead was understandable, but Monterey Park, really? I naively thought the most horrible crime committed in our city was the construction of multiple hotels without any traffic studies.

I guess that’s what happens when the woke mob sets its sights on you. One minute you are living large as the 3rd Best Place to Live in America, and the next, your dark past as the home of the Night Stalker resurfaces and makes you infamous as a place of murder and horror once again. I can’t wait to see what future episodes have in store for my hometown.

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

Mom, writer, yogi, beach bum, former expat from the SGV

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