Why Jennifer Love Tang for Monterey Park City Council District 2?

Jennifer Tang reached out to me as the President of the Moms Club of Monterey Park and Alhambra back in September via Next-door asking to meet to discuss my perspective on raising kids in Monterey Park. We went to Ground Up for a coffee and ended up speaking for over an hour. She was full of energy and purpose that day, telling me about her background and all the things she had learned so far about our city.

She told me that she decided to run for office the day Stephen Lam told residents they were behaving like Nazis. She was genuinely interested in what issues mattered to me and my friends as parents in our community. That day I found that we had much in common, including our shared concern about climate change and modernizing our city, and our mutual desire to protect the things about our city that make it such a great place to raise kids.

I was more than impressed when she told me that she had toured the Athen’s facility in order to make sure that they actually recycled our trash (they do!) and that she had recently been on a ride along with a police car to see the MPPD in action. She expressed her concern that at any given moment there are only five police cars on patrol. As someone whose house was burgled a couple of months ago I see her endorsement and support by the MPPOA as positive.

At the recent candidates forum she was the sharpest candidate on stage and her knowledge and grasp of the issues we, as citizens of Monterey Park, face were above and beyond the other candidates. I like her because she’s smart, hardworking and trustworthy.

I recently canvassed for her campaign alongside her coworker who has worked with her over the past three years in the English Department at Bloomfield High School. When I asked him why he, a Whittier resident and a father of a one year old, was giving up his valuable weekend time to canvass he responded, “I love Jennifer. She’s the best.” That’s what I want. I want the best for Monterey Park.

Mom, writer, yogi, beach bum, former expat from the SGV

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